Gas Monkey Garage maker is expanding to Garden Grove with new West Coast division

Automotive Care Laboratories, an old company with a new strategy, is expanding into Orange County.The company manufactures and distributes additives and detailing products under the brands such as West Coast Customs and Gas Monkey Garage.

Its new office at 12102 industry St. in Garden Grove will be the first move to the West for the Hong Kong- and New York-based company. It’s expected to open in January.

A company representative told the Register that ACL, founded decades ago as a manufacturing company, opted to realign its strategy two years ago to pursue its own brands, rather than private labeling for other brands.

The Orange County office, the rep said, will take the lead in all business strategy, which includes sales, marketing, manufacturing, human resources, and general organizational management.

The local team will include some 30 people, and yes, ACL is hiring.

ACL is looking for a product manager in marketing, sales reps for the Western region, a production graphics artist, customer service person, and a field marketing rep to assist with store events and car shows.

The brands, which also includes the additive Top-Rev, are sold in Walmart and other retailers.

The company chief executive said in a statement that new offices in Southern California will provide “an ideal location for the company to realize its full potential.”

“Our new office, in the heartbeat of the Western United States, allows us to expand our abilities to create, develop, source, manufacture, sell and market on a global scale with both speed and efficiency,” Atticus Firey said.

Interested applicants should email their resumes and cover letters to Firey directly at

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