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THE FASTEST WAY TO A SPOTLESS FINISH When you have the right products in your garage, getting the hang of basic car care is easy. Here are some of Ryan’s failproof pro tips to keep your ride looking slick. Want more tips? Check out our forum.

Every car looks cleaner with a set of shiny tires. Depending on the level of shine you prefer, use West Coast Customs NEW Tire Gloss for a blinding, wet-look shine or Tire & Trim Shine for a more natural, low gloss sheen.

Wheels come in all sizes and finishes. To keep them looking their best, you must SAFELY keep them clean and protected from harsh brake dust. Avoid acid-based cleaners, detergents and abrasive polishing products that will damage the finish by causing oxidation, pits, and potentially even damage your paint or matte coatings. Use West Coast Customs Wheel & Tire Cleaner for an effective yet safe clean.

Hand washing your car with a soft mitt and tons of suds is the safest way to remove the loose contaminants, dirt and grime from your paint. Use West Coast Customs Hi-Sudsing Car Wash for world-class results.

If your car is dusty, slightly dirty, or just dripping with morning dew and you want to save time, quickly use West Coast Customs Exterior Detailer. If used frequently, this quick-apply product keeps your wax reflecting its shine for much longer.

Creating a deep-wet glossy finish is only possible by applying polish. Exterior polish actually penetrates your paint’s surface, replenishing the rich oils and nutrients that escape from paint due to sun drying and oxidation. Restore your paint’s luster by quenching its thirst for those original nutrients. Premium polishes actually relieve your paint from those annoying, spiderweb-like swirls that accumulate over time and dull shine by providing the right nourishment.

To seal in that polished showroom shine and protect against harsh environmental contaminants (along with never-ending water spots), your wax should leave a protective barrier that acts as your first line of defense. For a quick yet powerful solution, use West Coast Customs Spray Wax. For truly outrageous results, use West Coast Customs Synthetic Wax.