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“Thank you for making a great product!”

I just wanted to thank you for an incredible product. The Tire & Trim Shine is exactly what I was looking for. I had a hard time finding anything with a low-gloss finish. Every other company only has wet-look products which is not what I wanted.

My new Durango looks perfect and I appreciate being able to find West Coast Customs products at Walmart.

Thank you!

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“Ahhhh…smells nice. Smells like Blueberry…very good job!”

I was quite impressed with it. The suds lasted until the very end and the lubricity was pretty flippen decent.

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Youtube Review

“Brought back that black finish”

There interior/exterior detailer works very well for dry plastics trust my plastics was a grey color I hit it with the detailer an brought back that black I was really surprised it outperformed armor all.

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WCC Customer

“OMG this stuff is fantastic!!”

Just used your exterior detailer for the first time. OMG this stuff is fantastic!! I have two Corvettes, my wife’s 1980 and my 2001 convertible. The depth of shine your detailer brings to these cars is magnificent. And this stuff is so easy to use too! Keep up the good work….I’m looking forward to trying your other products soon.

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“Superior Product!”

I’m not the type to send in comments, but was impressed by your car wash and though I should let you know.  I had not washed my truck in a month or so and had some spots that had not been removed in a year or so since I drove over some tar.  Not only did the wash get my truck back to clean it also removed the spots.  Thanks for taking the time to formulate a superior product!

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“You will be amazed!”

I bought your “exterior detailer” product and tried it… it is the best detailer product that I have ever used…. I was so happy about how easy it was to use and the shine and feel of the product on my car, windows, that I went back to the store and bought all they had on the shelf the next day…. I tell everyone I know who takes pride in their ride to try it and you will be amazed….Keep up the good work.

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Mark R

“This stuff is amazing!”

I bought West Coast Customs car wash at my local Walmart in in South Carolina

I can’t believe it but this stuff is great. It’s extremely lubed. Literally the soap and water beads right away. This stuff is amazing. Best soap I’ve ever bought. I wash my car twice a week and this stuff smells like blueberry jolly ranchers.  Thank you!

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