West Coast Car Care Accessories Were Born Here.

Founded by premier vehicle customizer Ryan Friedlinghaus, West Coast Customs is internationally recognized for our original designs, beyond-your-imagination concepts, impeccable quality, cutting edge technology and unparalleled craftsmanship. Like every other avid car enthusiast, Ryan likes to keep his collection of fine rides super clean. This is one of the reasons he expanded his West Coast Customs global empire to include his own innovative line of fine-tuned car care accessories.

Ryan’s clientele skyrocketed when “Pimp My Ride” began airing original episodes on MTV in 2004. The world of auto enthusiasts saw the passion, professionalism and all-around awesome ideas he and the team brought to every vehicle.

With Ryan as the driving creative force behind all the shop’s unique builds, our team of paint & body experts, interior fabricators, machinists and engineers were able to ramp up production, designing unforgettable one-of-a-kind vehicles for clients that range from celebrities to students–and everyone in between.

Recognized as the game-changing car customization phenomenon that was MTV’s “Pimp My Ride,” our shop’s pop culture status and appeal has catapulted our designs worldwide. State-of-the-art West Coast Customs facilities are now open in Dubai, Mexico, Germany, Malaysia, Russia, China and Japan. And let’s not forget about our massive new 60,000 square foot flagship facility now headquartered in Burbank, CA.

We’re proud to bring our custom line of fine-tuned car care accessories to you, to help you achieve the same pro quality finish for your ride, wherever you are.

Ryan’s Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied, neither am I. If you don’t love these products, I’ll refund your purchase price.